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Course Request Process


2024-2025 Course Catalog

Each spring students get to request the courses they want to take for next year.  There is no one right grouping of courses to take.  Provided students pay attention to graduation requirements, there are many sound options and choices to make and they should reflect individual interests and passions.  Please remember that students happiest with their selections have typically….

  • Talked to their families about their choices
  • Slept on their decisions
  • Researched classes by reading the course guide
  • Talked to current teachers for insight into their strengths and abilities
  • Followed their own passion
  • Not been heavily influenced by a friend’s course requests
  • Chosen a point or two of challenge, but have followed Shakespeare’s advice to “know thyself” and pursue the kind of balance that works for them
  • Requested alternates they can live with just in case one of their top selections is full or cannot be run because it doesn’t fill
  • Double checked to make sure they are meeting graduation requirements

Student Access will open at 4 p.m. on March 1st 2023 and will remain open until 8am March 14th so that students can make their course requests through Student Access.   Every student must know their Student Access ID and password to input course requests.  If students have forgotten their ID or password, students will have to have a current email address unique to them to reset their password.  To update your email address or to provide one for the first time, please go into Student Access and click on the second “Contact Us” for Skyline HS Student Information Changes.

*Remember to request courses for 7 periods and then 6 alternates.

CRP Skyward Directions (Word Doc)

Skyward Student Access