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Skyline Athletics Mission

Skyline athletes will be exemplary academically as well as athletically, will be leaders in the school community, and will improve the culture of the school through the lessons learned on the field.

Skyline Athletics Core Covenants        ISD Athletic Handbook

Welcome back Spartans! We anticipate a more “typical” athletics season for 2021-22 Below is a summary of K-12 Athletics Guidance pertaining to COVID-19 protocol. For more detailed information, please refer to pgs. 14-16 of the Washington State DOH K-12 School Requirements

Please Note: Restrictions are subject to change based on DOH and WIAA recommendations.


  • Season Format: We will have a regular season and path to playoffs and state tournament as we have done in the past (prior to COVID). Skyline resides in 4A KingCo League.
  • Season Schedule: To access league/sport schedules, go to Skyline Athletics website:


  • Masks
    • Outdoor Sports:  Fans are required to wear a mask if not vaccinated. When actively competing/training, athletes are NOT required to wear masks for any outdoor sport. Masks recommended at all other times (i.e. on sidelines/bench)
    • Indoor Sports: ALL FANS are required to wear masks regardless of vaccination status. Athletes are NOT required to wear masks indoors if they are in a low or moderate sport (volleyball, gymnastics, swim) OR they are vaccinated and in a high-risk sport (wrestling and basketball). PLEASE NOTE: High risk indoor sports will require screening/antigen testing of unvaccinated athletes in order to participate. ALL ATHLETES must wear mask indoors if not actively training or competing regardless of vaccination status.
    • Coaches: Similar to fans. If outdoors, required to wear mask if not vaccinated. If indoors, masks required regardless of vaccination status.
  • Attestations/Entry
    • There will be NO attestations or temp checks at entry. Participants and fans need to self-attest; meaning, if not feeling well and have symptoms, stay at home.
  • Transportation/bus
    • Sports will have district provided transportation (buses). Athletes are expected to ride the bus to events.

Concussion Protocol and Return to Play Procedures:

Please go to our Sports Medicine website for concussion information.

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Athletic Director: Brent Kawaguchi
Phone: 425-837-7748
Fax: 425-837-7763

Athletic Coordinator: Kerri Bunch
Phone: 425-837-7737

Athletic Trainer: Megan Swartz
Phone: 425-837-7896

Athletic Trainer:  Cheryl T. Reed