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Skyline Sophomore Qualifies for Junior National Gymnastics Team

Simone Rose

Skyline sophomore Simone Rose is one of just six gymnasts in the country who recently qualified for the Women’s Junior National Gymnastics Team. The six join accomplished athletes like Simone Biles and others on the Senior National Team and represent the United States at international competitions.

We had the opportunity to connect with Rose via email and she shared a bit about her experiences throughout her gymnastics career thus far. Currently, Rose is training for a competition in November to qualify for an international meet in Paris.

Q:  When did you start gymnastics?

A:  When I was two years old.

Q:  Why gymnastics?

A:  At an early age, I did “mommy and me” classes and soon after started cartwheeling around the house, so my parents put me in gymnastics and I loved it.

Q:  How often do you practice?

A:  Monday through Saturday, about 28.5 hours per week.

Q:  Is there a certain gymnast or athlete you admire or aspire to be like?

A:  I always loved Simone Biles. Mostly because she has the same name as me and she is the GOAT (Greatest of all Time) of gymnastics, and now I love her even more as she is making a comeback to show the world she is not done, and she will not let one bad meet affect the rest of her career.  

Q:  What is your favorite event?

A:  Floor, because I can show off my personality.

Q:  What is the most challenging thing about your sport?

A:  The most challenging part is controlling yourself mentally because gymnastics can get very frustrating, and you cannot let the frustration affect your gymnastics because it can make it more frustrating and make you upset. 

Q:  What advice would you have for your peers who may want to develop their skills further – not only in athletics but in any activity?

A:  One bad thing cannot affect the next thing you do so never give up on your dreams or your passions.

Q:  What is the next event or competition you are preparing for?

A:  I have a selection meet in November, and if I get chosen to go, I get to compete for the USA in France. 

Q:  Is there anything else you'd like your peers or the wider ISD community to know?

A:  This sport takes a lot of time and commitment but I love the sport. And one thing I always have to remember and my parents remind me is “it’s just gymnastics” so it doesn’t seem like it’s all I am or can be known for.  

Congratulations on your achievements thus far, Simone. Your dedication and tremendous work ethic are an inspiration and we are excited to follow along with your gymnastics journey.

To learn more about the Women’s National Team, visit the USA Gymnastics website. Visit USA Gymnastics to read about Rose’s recent success at the Xfinity U.S. Gymnastics Championships.

Simone Rose
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