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October is National Principals Month

Skyline Assistant Principal Kevin Adamo

We love our principals every day but during #NationalPrincipalsMonth, we are excited to highlight these incredible leaders for the role they play in fostering and nurturing positive learning environments in our schools. Thank you, principals, for your commitment to students and staff and for leading with passion and vision!

Meet Skyline High School Assistant Principal Kevin Adamo as he answers a few questions so we can get to know him better.

Number of Years in Education: 18

Number of years with the ISD: 5

Who was your favorite teacher growing up and why? Mrs. Vrana, she was my Italian teacher in High School for 4 years. She truly cared about us, made learning fun, would always give compliments and smile when she saw me in the hallway, and was not a bad Italian cook which she shared with us often !

Do you have a favorite quote, song or saying? If so, please share why and what this means to you!

I have many and it depends on the day and situation which one I refer back too. But for today it is "Success is not an accident or a chance, it's hard work, patience, learning and sacrifice

What is your favorite dish from the school cafeteria either now, or when you were growing up?

Orange chicken with brown rice.

What would your staff and students be surprised to learn about you? I lived in Italy for three summers.

Skyline Assistant Principal Kevin Adamo
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