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Parents/Caregivers: If your student will need to leave a class early please call the attendance office and report why the student needs to leave, at what time, and whether the student will be returning to school that day. The student is then responsible for picking up an “early release pass” from the attendance office to give the teacher.  This is for safety reasons -  it lets the teacher know that the parent/caregiver has given permission for the student to leave class. We are not usually able to go get the student at the time they need to leave.

Skyline Attendance Procedures

Parents/Caregivers and students are encouraged to view student attendance often on Family Access and to contact the Attendance Office at 425-837-7779 or email the Attendance office if there are any questions or concerns.  Below you will find information on Skyline attendance procedures.  If your student is absent, parents/caregivers must notify the Attendance office within 48 hours of the student returning to school.

Checking In or Early Release

Upon return to school from an absence or upon arriving late to school students should report to the Attendance Office. The student will be given an admit slip so they can head to class.

 If a student has to leave class early, parents/caregivers must pre-arrange an early release via one of the methods:

  1. Have your student bring a note to the attendance office the morning of the early release – an early release slip will be given to the student so they can leave class.
  2. Email the Attendance office with details of the early release and have your student pick up their early release slip prior to the time they need to leave.
  3. Call and leave a voicemail the night before the early release and have your student pick up and early release slip the day of their departure.

Please always have your student pick up their early release slip – not wait for it to be delivered to class! We do our best to have a positive, uninterrupted learning environment and appreciate your help in this endeavor!

Unexcused Absences

As daily attendance has been shown to positively impact student learning Skyline High School has set forward the following attendance procedures for unexcused absences:

Letter Notifications

Autodialer phone calls for unexcused absences - this is an important intervention and is considered communication with home. Parents/Caregivers will be notified each day that their students have any unexcused absences or tardies via an automated call dispatched through the district office.

Attendance Letters - If students have accumulated multiple days of unexcused absences throughout the school year, a letter will be sent home to their parents/caregivers indicating the number of days missed and what days those are in detail. Letters are sent out at intervals of 11 days and 15 days.


Becca is a legal process that the state of Washington has put into place to help students not attending school return to school successfully. If a student misses 7 days unexcused in a month or 15 days unexcused in the course of the whole school year a legal petition will be filed. Letter notifications will be sent home at 11 days and 15 days absent if your student has unexcused days on their record.