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Student Supports - A Message For Senior Families From Principal Hennig

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Senior Families,  

We recently ran D/F reports for 12-grade students (something we regularly do) and are continuing to see high numbers of seniors failing one or more courses.  Many of these courses are required for graduation, and if grades are not improved, students may be in jeopardy of not graduating/walking during our commencement ceremony on June 17th

Please review your student’s current grades in Canvas and talk with your senior if they are struggling with any course(s).  Our Counseling Department and Administration have been working hard to support our students and developing plans to address deficient grades, but we need your partnership.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your student’s teachers directly with any questions/concerns about your student’s current grade.

Ensuring students are ready for their post-high school plans begins with graduation.  Having students pass their courses is fundamental to our building mission, outlined specifically in our school improvement plan, and found in every teacher and administrator student growth goal.  I often say, “Good things happen when students pass their courses!” – thanks in advance for everything you can do to assist our work in supporting seniors in our last month before graduation, especially helping students get to school on time, ready to learn. 

I also want to review the many ways our Skyline Community provides academic support to our students.  As you review these options, please continue to have conversations with your student(s) regarding the importance of working hard academically, but also taking advantage of the academic interventions available to them. 

Thank you for your help as we work together to reduce failures!  

FLEX TIME: Flex Time provides academic intervention and support twice during most weeks - on Tuesdays following 1st period (45 minutes) and Wednesdays following 6th period (50 minutes).  Flex Time was added to our weekly schedule, largely because students had difficulty accessing teachers and resources outside the regular school day.  This means we have almost 100 minutes per week for students to meet with teachers, participate in academic interventions, make up a test/quiz, or quietly complete homework. In short, the more we can do during the school day, the less students will have to do at home.  I would appreciate your help and support to ensure students know how precious this time can be - attendance will be taken and students are expected to actively use the time to find balance and success by focusing on their individual academic needs.  

ISF TUTORING:  The Issaquah Schools Foundation (ISF) generously funds FREE afterschool tutoring provided by a Skyline staff member.  ISF Tutoring provides students the opportunity to gain additional understanding of core content, have questions answered and/or work on homework with a staff member.  Click HERE for a schedule of our ISF Tutoring dates/time/subjects.    

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY TUTORING: NHS Tutoring allows students get help from fellow Spartan students who have already been successful in the course.  To match your student with an NHS Tutor, please email Patrick Gai (   We currently have over 50 students who are being tutored by members of our SHS National Honor Society.  

TEACHER ASSIGNED SPARTAN SUPPORT:  SHS staff members may assign students to a supervised Wednesday morning study session that allows students to complete assignments and catch up on missing work.  Spartan Support begins at 9:00am and ends at 10:00 am.  If your student is recommended for Spartan Support, a staff member will communicate detailed information to the student and family.    

STUDY ZONE:  The Sammamish Library offers a Study Zone Program, which includes free virtual homework help, access to KCLS Librarians, language/reading support and social activities.  Click HERE for more information.   

Thanks again for your support!   

Keith Hennig – Principal Skyline High School  

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