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Attention all students who plan to take an AP exam in May

general announcement

Attention all students who plan to take an AP exam in May!!

Registration is now open for AP exams! If you are interested in taking an AP Exam, you should begin the process of registering for exams in MyAP and Total Registration (this is where you will pay for exams). 

Exam Information

The exam fee is $102 this year. Please review the 2022-23 AP Exam Schedule to know when the specific exam you are interested in will take place.

Registration Information

Students must register for exams in the fall by using an exam code on the College Board website. Students can obtain their exam specific code from Counselor, Mr. Caffey, to register for the exam on the College Board website under their MyAP Accounts.  Mr. Caffey can be reached at: or 425.837.7861

If you have previously taken the SAT or an AP exam, you already have a MyAP account and will need to sign into it to register. Do NOT make a second account! If you have trouble accessing your account, contact College Board

There will be a $40 late registration fee and a $40 canceled/unused exam fee this year. Keep this in mind as you begin registration. 

Action Steps

  1. Create OR Login to your College Board Account (MyAP Account).
  2. Join a course section through your College Board account using the class ‘Join Codes’ provided by Mr. Caffey.  NOTE: Upon joining the course, you will automatically be registered for the exam in May.
  3. Register AND pay for exams in Total Registration by March 8. The sooner you get this payment in, the better! 
  4. Verify that you have put in all the information for approved testing accommodations.
  • If you believe you qualify for testing accommodations, please apply for these with your counselor if you have not been previously granted testing accommodations from College Board. This process takes some time, so do this ASAP! This needs to be done by January 18. 


Important Deadlines

November 8, 2022

AP exam on-time registration in MyAP and payment on Total Registration.

January 18, 2023

Deadline for requesting accommodations to use on the AP exams (complete this process with your counselor ASAP)

March 8, 2023

Late registration ends on MyAP and Total Registration



-          All exam(s) will take place at Issaquah High School and students are responsible for their own transportation.

-          IB students who choose to take AP tests need to know that the IB Exams timetable will not move for their AP exams.  If a student arrives late for an IB test, they will not be given extra time.  Also, if they miss their IB exam there are no refunds or makeups!

For any additional questions, contact Mr. Caffey at or 425.837.7861. 

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