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New and Prospective Parents

Welcome to Skyline High School!

New Families that have established residence in the Skyline attendance area:

Information about enrolling at Issaquah High School can be found at our Enrollment page on the Counseling Website.

Prospective Families that are not residing in the Skyline attendance area yet:

Occasionally we get requests for tours and/or informational meetings from families that may be looking for schools in the area. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate tours or meetings for families that do not currently live in the Skyline High School attendance area. Skyline High School is a closed campus and we do not have the resources for this kind of service. We do, however, want to offer as much information about our school and programs so that you may make an informed decision if you are moving to this area. Below is some general information that may be helpful:

School Profile: The School Profile provides some general information about the school.

Academics: Students make course choices from our Course Guide. Graduation requirements are also listed in this document.

Sports and Activities: Students have a wide variety of athletic and activity opportunities.

School Policies: These are listed in the Student Handbook.

School Culture: Though we don’t offer individual tours, you may want to look at some of the above links to get a good feel for the environment at Skyline High School.

Weekly Bulletin: Subscribe to the district and school Weekly Bulletins.